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Campbell Oilfield Rentals strives every day to reach the highest standards of performance in all our operations, with safety being our first priority.

We are committed to providing safe, efficient services to the oil and gas industry.

Our employees at every level, including management are accountable for participating in and promoting not only Campbell’s, but our client’s safety initiatives.

Campbell Oilfield Rentals Safety Initiatives:

  • Complete, COR certified safety program
  • Participation in multiple safety compliance websites such as Complyworks and ISNetworld
  • Daily Toolbox Meetings on each job performed
  • Monthly safety meetings
  • Regular worksite safety tours
  • Worker and Supervisor ongoing training
  • Regular attendance at client provided safety meetings and seminars

Working with our clients in achieving a zero-incident workplace is a main focus, and we always welcome any safety suggestions from workers, contractors and clients. Campbell management continuously works to have the most current, relevant safety systems available to our employees. Continuous improvement is our main safety goal.

“Providing my work family with the tools they need to perform their tasks safely is what I show up for every day. Whether in the office or the field, I take it very personally that we all get home safely.”

Sara Lavoie- NCSO
Campbell Oilfield Safety and Transportation Coordinator